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About Vidnami Video App

Vidnami is a cutting edge web based video creation app to create professional high resolution videos that anyone can create. The cloud based software has nothing to install so you can be up and running straight away.  

Vidnami is available at the price of $47 per month but you can get a special discount offer here with a massive 25% discount for life. Instead of paying $47 per month like everyone else, right now you can lock in access to a discount to the best Vidnami discount for just $35 per month. That's a massive saving of $144 per year!

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Vidnami Content Samurai discount

Grow Your Business With Video

Point and click video production designed for ease of use and for beginners. Create stunning and professional looking high resolution videos in just minutes. Easy to use and all content included to create your own video masterpiece in minutes.

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All you need to create stunning looking videos for your business, just like the pros in just minutes 

Automatic Captions

Vidnami is able to automatically transcribe your videos clips and quickly creates captions for your video content.

This is a great feature for social media as customers can read the captions when the video audio is not turned on.

Intelligent Video Selection

The Vidnami videos app has inbuilt artificial intelligence and is able ‘to read the text of your video to automatically selects a matching video clip from the library of over 790,000 video clips to select a matching video or image 

No Video Editing Necessary 

All your videos are automatically combined with the library of images, video clips, music and voice tracks. No video editing experience is needed or necessary.

Make It Your Own

Easily add your logo, choose colors, select fonts, and insert your own clips/images/music to make your video unique.

Automatic Voice Overs

Inside Vidnami you can utilise the powerful automatic voice overs features to automatically add voice to your videos. There are a really powerful feature to make your videos really stand out.

There are a range of male and female Vidnami voices to choose from. So if you prefer to make videos without showing your face on camera or using your own voice on video, these are a really great feature. 

Music for Every Occassion

There are over 30,000 royalty-free music tracks from Storyblocks included within Vidnami for you to choose from. 

Getting the perfect sound track or audio for your videos is easy with Vidnami.

You can use music as a backing track or as a bed behind one of the built in Vidnami voice overs or your own voice narration.

Grow Your Business with Vidnami

Vidnami is the fastest and easiest way to create videos for your business. It also comes with unlimited video creation so there are no restrictions on its use

Grow Your Social Reach with Vidnami

Vidnami videos are one of the fastest and easiest ways to create social media videos and content for your business. The unlimited video creation feature means you can easily create content everyday to keep your social media content topped up.

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Content Samurai is Now Vidnami

The Vidnami software brand was launched in 2020 but the video app has been available on the market as Content Samurai for many years.

In 2020 the developers took the decision to re-brand the software to make the name more synonymous with video marketing.

What does the name Vidnami mean?

The new name is a combination of "Vid" from video and "Nami" which is Japanese for the word for wave.

To signify the wave of video production which is taking off across worldwide and the idea of using video to create a positive wave of influence in the world. 

With Vidnami you can ride the wave of this new demand and produce stunning looking videos for any market. 

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What Vidnami Can Do for You

Make Social Media Videos

Make Product Videos

Make Influencer Videos

Make Course Videos

Make E-Commerce Ad Videos

Make Facebook Ad Videos

Make Real Estate Videos

Make Sales Videos

and many more...

Fastest Video Builder

Unlimited Social Posting

Unlimited Video Creation



  • Vidnami is an online video creation software application that can create you high quality videos with just a video script to start with 


  • Vidnami is an online app so no complicated software downloads or softwareinstallation required. You can use it on any computer with a Chrome compatible browser Windows, Mac OS or Linux. 


  • All the hundreds of thousands of images, video clips, audio clips and voice over technology are all included within the subscription and accessed online. There are no additional costs to use the software


  • Vidnami is very easy to use and anyone with basic computer skills could picthis up and be creating videos in no time.  

    There is a comprehensive video training included when you sign up. You will be creating videos in minutes as the app is very easy to use and very intuitive.  


  • Vidnami is for anyone looking to promte themselves online with videos, a product or service or just broadcast themselves for a hobby or for a passion 


  • Vidnami is available as a monthly or annual subscription. It costs $397 per year if paid yearly or $47 per month. You can get a 25% discount here for $35 per month.  


  • Yes you can get access to a Vidnami 14 days free trial here with unlimited access to all the features of the video creation app. Sign up for a full demo and your login will arrive via email. You can get started today for free in just minutes. 


  • When you login to the Vidnami app there is an online help system which has a range of step by step videos to take you through creating your videos.

    There are tutorial videos for each of the different types of video that you may want to create, such as influencer videos, instant ads videos, sales videos and training course videos. 

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Vidnami Discount

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